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My friend is newly involved with running a chatroom....people are now coming into the rooms without logging is that done?  We would like to stop that .


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Clever_BobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems like a pretty general question that you are asking. Where is the chatroom located?

If the chatroom requires authentication (username/password) then obviously it will be impossible for users to enter chat rooms without doing so.

It sounds like maybe your friend is using some third party software to host and configure a chatroom service. What your friend will need to do is to access the administration panel of the chatroom service and configure the options so that users cannot make any comments or post any comments unless they are registered/logged in users.

I hope this helps!
i think it is better if u discuss your problem in detail.
because may be they come to direct acess the url that you call after valid authentication. if this is case then you have to do some thingh like this, that you have to use some cokkies or else...

Raj is right - there are too many possibilities where this could go wrong.

Did he write the chatr room - or is it commercial software - or is it a free web site that lets u roll you own using their software?

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