Cannot delete "netmeeting" folder

Trying to delete the netmeeting folder in
Program Files with a batch script...

MOVE /Y "%PROGRAMFILES%\netmeeting"

First it said it is "being used by another process" which I
Googled and found it was because of Windows File Protection.

I disabled Windows File Protection and now get a different error "access is denied".

I can manually delete the netmeeting folder, but thats no good, it must be scripted!

Any switches I am missing? The MOVE command seems to not really have any
switches apart from /Y.

No suggestions of third party programs please!
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Dark720Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Administrator account will need a password for this to work.
If you do not want to give administrator a password then create a new account with amin rights and password.

Or give whatever user you choose to run the script read and write access to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\RESTORE\ and %PROGRAMFILES%\


If your script is being run from scheduled tasks then give it Administrator rights.
EE33Author Commented:
I actually dropped this and never tried what you said
because, well I just quit with it and im working on
other things but since you took the time to answer
and you are the only person who has answered,
theres no harm done in accepting this as the answer.
Thanks EE33.
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