Norton Internet Security?

I'm confused....
I purchased a new Dell with xp home and it came with Norton Internet Security.  Is this good enough virus protection?  I went to their site and they have several products such as: AntiVirus 2006, Norton Personal Firewall 2006, Norton Internet Security 2006 etc.  Does a person need all of these?  Your thoughts are appreciated.
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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think Norton Internet Security includes an Anti-virus component, plus a firewall and some other stuff. It's probably good enough, but if what you got was a limited term trial edition, then I would suggest you un-install it, and replace it with the following:

(1) Any one AV program. The following two are free for home users:

(2) Windows Defender for anti-spyware (free):

(3) Enable the Firewall that is included with XP (Control Panel -> Windows Firewall)

This should give you all the protection that Norton offers, and a bit better.
zubin6220Author Commented:
thanks for the input.  I've increased the points because you did such a good job.
Thanks and Good Luck :)
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