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Let me preface this with me knowing this is a very strange and suspicious question.

I had my home broken into this sunday and two of my family laptops were stolen. One (my own) had a copy of hamatchi (a vpn client) installed. My machine has alot of personal information on it that I would rather not be seen by unscrupulous eyes and I want running a antivirus program on my machine. So my thoughts were if I were to ever see my laptop go on my vpn, is there any way I could use the browse feature on my laptop and drop a worm in my shared folder and use that to corrupt my os enough so they would be forced to reformat the machine. My laptop is covered through homeowners insurance (or so I hope at this point) but there is the question of the sensitive information still on the machine.

Could someone please point out a site or something of this nature where I could download a contained virus that I could somehow "start" once dropped in another machine?

Again I know how fishy this sounds, if you would like to see my posting history I am in no way a script kiddy looking to play a practical joke on someone. I think this is one of the few instances this type of behavior is justified.

-thank you in any assistance you may give,

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esdxr26Connect With a Mentor Commented:
SOrry to hear about your theft Brian...

In theory its a good idea, finding a virus that will destroy essential windows files and force a reformat would give you the power to stop whoever from accessing your files.

However the problem lies in where to find the virus, most virus's these days dont do that much damage, unlike older ones like 'chernobyl', fortunately they tend to find and jail people who create such virus's.  Running it from a shared folder probably wouldn't work either since the folder will be mapped to your computer and will likely run the virus on yours instead.

If you have windows logon enabled its highly unlikely anyone is going to try and guess your password, they certainly will not crack it, they will simply reformat the laptop immediatelly, unless they targetted the information specifically otherwise its probably a complete waste of time.

If you are still worried about this then I would suggest having a look at the available security, go to google and simply type 'laptop security', there are loads of alternatives to what you suggest but it's probably better if you investigated further.

Kind regards

Leon FesterConnect With a Mentor Senior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Posting information like this would still contravene site rules. IMHO.

Rather consider changed your VPN software settings, possible consider adding mac address filtering for the future as well.
kevinf40Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Sorry to hear what happened.

It is unlikely that they will log onto your vpn - this would (hopefully) require them to log onto your windows account and then crack your vpn password.

While it is relatively easy to access the files on your drive (unless they are encrypted) - there are various tools that can re-set local windows passwords, it is also possible to connect a drive to another machine as a slave or in an external caddy to read the data.  
BUT unless they were specifically targeting your computers for some reason - e.g. trade secrets etc, the likely hood is that the machines will just be sold cheaply and formatted either before or after sale.

I would say your information is likely safe...

Intentionally using destructive malware is a risky gambit - you could potentially damage the windows installation on your own machine if you were not careful.

Moving forwards I would recommend a tool such as PGP Disk to create and encrypted partition on each of your machines were any sensitive information was stored - this would give you greater peace of mind should any of your machines be lost or stolen in the future.


Calv1nAuthor Commented:
I understand what you are saying about the login password, however I was foolish enough not to have this option on. All you need to do is click on my user icon on the loadup screen and you are in. In hindsite I dont think there is any REALLY sensitive information on that machine...I have already changed my bank accounts just in case. So I guess I should just move on and hope for the best. Thanks for you advice.
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