rename a user in windows server 2003 SBS active directory

Hi! to all expert.

can anybody  help me  to rename an user in the active directory 2003 with damaging his all account and his email exchange as well because whenever you create a user account in 2003 SBS you also create his/her email at the same time.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance.
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maderosiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have did this many times and it is very easy. Like Skaap2k said just right click the user and select rename. Then change the properties that you want. Then just add the new mailbox address in the email addresses properties tab in AD. Add a new SMTP address with the new name and make it primary. You will want to leave the old addrerss in there so that people who have the old address are still able to contact the user. This is very common when women get married and they change their last name and I think the olny reason I have had to rename accounts. Unrealistic to create a new account.

Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
It is NOT recommended that you rename accounts in Active Directory. In fact you don't even get the option to rename an account. The reasons against are manyfold.

Why not delete the account and then add it again? What is the problem? The username or the email address?

If the email address is the problem, then create an new alias for the user. Leave the login account the same.

It is possible to rename an account, but like dvt_localboy said, it's not really recommended, but it can be done,
right clicking on the user should present a rename option, it will then change the display name, once you change that, another dialog will appear asking you to change other credentials,

this does NOT change the exchange information or mailbox names, you can change the exchange addresses by going into the properties of the account and changinng them manually, as far as i am aware, you cannot change the mailbox name. but can change email addresses very easily.

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