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Need tp prove adsl circuit end to end

my customer has been using adsl broadband via a us robotics 9300 router for the last two years. His isp (in the uk) is "freedom2surf.net". Since 27th april he has been unable to access the internet. He has tried telephoning, faxing and emailing his isp tech support but apart from being held in queues for thirty or more minutes he has been unable to obtain assistance.
I visited his site yesterday and took a known working netgear router and my laptop with me. I was unable to access the internet either, using his isp account. The adsl indicator is showing green ok. The routers both are accessible from any pc and can be programmed. Just no internet access.
I need to prove that the adsl circuit is ok. Is there any test adsl isp login that I could set the router to in the uk in order to do this? If this had been a dial-up connection that had failed I would have simply set up a temporary connection to another isp to ensure that I could at least use the internet ok. Can this be done with adsl?
My customer is losing business because of this problem. No emails.

Any suggestions on proving this without speaking to isp will be most gratefully received.
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already tried hard reboot of the dsl?
you can do some preliminaries to ensure that the issue is not on the customer side.  Make sure that all the regular phones have a dsl filter properly connected between them and telco.  Figure out what happened between the time the ADSL was working when it stopped.  

Then when you go test; using the customer's equipment (and later with your known good equipment) see if the link light on the WAN side is up / blinking /  or just plain down.

But I suspect that its on the telco side and you will need to get assistance from their support structure.  If you don't like being put on hold for centuries at a time.  You should try to escalate the issue, EASY-IN could be Sales and you will have to start getting the names/numbers/IDs of managers.  Managers don't like customer complaints and will get that thought well ingrained into their subordinates.  Also, they don't like the idea of giving back money; so request some sort of compensation for the down time.  Oh go UP the line of managers if you have to.

Worse case scenario may be cancelling the present ADSL subscription and buying a new ADSL subscription.  But before you cancel make sure that switching the customer over is a plausible solution.  With the new subscription, telco has to ensure that the line is working before they start charging (or at least that's the custom here across the pond).

Hi whitland,

Thanks for the points, but hopefully you didn't find any of the comments offensive as they were not meant to be.  And hopefully, it gave you some ideas on how to proceed.

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