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Creating a Boot CD for use with Ghost 8.3

Hi there,

I have a question which hopefully has a simple answer.

I want to create a boot CD/DVD that I can boot from in order tu run GHOST.EXE.

All I want to do is:

1. Insert this boot CD into my server's CD drive
2. Start up the server
3. Have the server boot off this CD
4. Be able to run GHOST.exe from the CD itself

I have tried using Nero to create a boot CD and have tried adding the GHOST.EXE application to the disk.  Nero goes away and prompts me to refer it to a floppy disk with the relevant system files on it.  It then goes away and creates the CD with these files along with the GHOST.EXE executable.

However, when I boot from this CD, it boots okay but when I try to run GHOST.EXE it tells me "Bad Command or Filename".  When I do a DIR, the GHOST.EXE is not on the CD.  If I take the CD out of this server and put it into a PC and view the CD, GHOST.EXE is there.

I am assuming that it is creating a virtual directory or something to boot from, but how do I create a CD that simply boots the system and runs GHOST.EXE?

4 Solutions
I use a wizard in ghost to create a boot floppy and then I let Neros read in the floppy
and create the boot CD.

Another option is to use a boot floppy with drivers for you CD drive,
and then put ghost.exe on the cd.

You are unabel to find the ghost.exe on your cd because the file is not located in the boot area,
but on the "cd area" and you need cd drivers for dos to read that area.
Here is a collection of Ghost FAQ including usb support, boot cd's etc:

How to Make a Ghost 2003 bootable CD

In general, the radified forum has the best collection of Ghost "how-to's" I have ever seen.
I have found that one of the best ways to do this is to create a Windows PE disk.  I use one called Bart PE  It does take a little bit of setup, but once you get your disk built, it becomes a very nice utility boot disk that can include ghost very easily.  For more information on how to build one of these disks, check out the following link :  http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/

Hope this helps!
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Seconding rrguitar's post, I additionallly use the enhanced Barts that is called the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, at www.ubcd4win.com

It has gozillion extra utils and drivers.  When you build it, build the Ghost support into it.

Just in addition to what my fellow experts have already told you ( good advice I might add)

When making a Pre Boot Environment disk (bart PE) think about what you want it to do.....the more utilities you set up, the longer the amount of time it will take to load into memory, sometimes 10-15 minutes if you include everything, and as gurutc says, these type of disks have Gozillion features.

          Oh and you'll also need a setup disk for XP when creating your disk and varius files from the different utilities you choose to install, can't remember if it works with any other O/S but XP. Oh, one last thing if you intend to use it on a network you'll need the drivers for your hardware, so again if you are making a "one disk does all" its going to take some time to load.

It can also be tricky to setup as rrguitar says, as you mention ghost 8, you are fortunate as I think thats the only version that works with BART PE. unless you have a corperate version of course.

Don't consider me for points or a joint answer, this is just a freebie
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

Seems to be an incomplete bootable CD.
It must have:
- BIOS and SYSTEM boot files (Nero copies these from the floppy. This part is OK)
- the device drivers for the CD player
- CONFIG.SYS  and AUTOEXEC.BAT (if bootable DOS floppy).

You should copy all the files from the floppy to the CD (OAKCDROM.SYS, BTCDROM.SYS, MSCDEX.EXE, among others), besides the ghost image.
Should use a bootable DOS where Nero copy boot files from. Pay attention to prepare the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to point to the CD letter (D:, for instance) instead of the A: , and have    path=C:\   in AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Please keep in mind that you can use the same bootable diskette produced by ghost.

I don't know where all this hooey about Ghost 8 being tricky when used with the ubcd4windows is coming from.  I can only guess that it's from folks who haven't tried to use it that way.  It's as easy as falling off a log.  And you can disable all the extra utilities in the ubcd4win at the build process, but keep the drivers that give you support for any kind of drive or disk controller type, and get a cd that boots very very fast.  So I still have to recommend ghost 8 and the ubcd4win solution.  It's far far better than anything else I've seen.

Also, the speed you get in the actual ghosting process from having 32-bit support of the hardware more than makes up for the boot time of the ubcd4wiin, even if you build it out fully with all of the features.

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