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Setting up OWA with virtual hosting/aliasing

Hello all,

I want to set up an OWA web address like:

webmail.domainname.com.au to be able to access my email through OWA.

OWA and all facets are working, and I am able to access OWA through: http://PublicIP/exchange

how do I set up IIS on Server 2003 so that I can access my webmail through webmail.domainname.com.au

I have spoken to the ISP and they will be setting up an appropriate 'A' record as soon as I am ready on my end.

Please help.
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If your ISP is setting up an A-record then in my eyes this should do it for you. Of course you have to type http://webmail.domainname.com.au/exchange to access OWA. Or is "/exchange" what you wanted to avoid?

Btw. make sure you setup SSL on your web server to encrypt your OWA traffic!
WitoldRybaAuthor Commented:
Hi The Kirschi

Yes sorry, it is the "/exchange" that I am wanting to avoid.
I understand that I need to set up an alias/virtual hosting, but have no clue at the moment on how to do this.

Please also answer how I would use SSL to encrypt my OWA traffic. Does this involve certificates ?

Sorry, I m kinda new to the IIS thing...

thanks in advance

well actually I don't think that this is possible easily. It could be done if you have a http redirect somewhere in the internet that forwards your requests from http://webmail.domainname.com.au to http://webmail.domainname.com.au/exchange and then goes into your LAN. A redirect on your internal IIS won't work because of name resolution issues.

For configuration of SSL see the following links:



Alternativly you can use a certificate from a third party vendor such as Verisign or Globalsign.

Hope this helps,
The Kirschi
First, get the redirection going:

1. Create a new web site in IIS called Webmail, with a "Host header" of  webmail.domainname.com.au  and a path of C:\Inetpub\Webmail

2. Create a file  C:\Inetpub\Webmail\Default.htm  and place the following in it:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=http://PublicIP/exchange">
<p align="center">Hold on a second...</p>
<p align="center">
<a href= "http://PublicIP/exchange">
<p align="center">If you are not redirected automatically within a few
 seconds then please click on the link above.</p>
<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function Redirect()
 location.href = 'http://PublicIP/exchange';
// --></script>

Now, to get OWA working with Forms Based Authentication (requires SSL / HTTPS, which requires a certificate), have a look at: http://www.petri.co.il/configure_ssl_on_owa.htm

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