Is it advisable to Partition a HDD to run Win2000 Server?

I would like to know if it advisable to partition an 80GB Hdd into 2 x  40GB partitions to run my network.
I have 2 SCSI 40Gb HDD where 1 (C:) has Win 2000 Server installed, Pastel Evolution etc and the 2nd (D:) has all of our Exel and word Docs saved.
I am running a daily back up using an Iomega Rev Drive. what I would like to do is restore all the info onto the newly partitioned IDE 80GB HDD

Please advise
Thank you kindly
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Dark720Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you backup solution can cover the full 80Gb in one go then I dont see a problem.
It is allways advisable to separate the OS from Data and Program partitions. Also the pagefile should be separate and should even be on a separate HD. Although the windows standard installation doesn't provide for setting other standard directories for the programs or the data, you can use a unattended installation where you can set those directories and drives. A good product which helps you create such an unattended answer file is nlite.

Just make sure to edit the winnt.sif file that gets created and change the following entry to what you need:


for example:

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