Swf for mobiles

Hi there,

I have been following the devepment of swf for mobile devices and have not got to the stage where I thought it would be fun to try and test and see if I could get it to work (more as a little gimmick).

Am I right in saying that only Smart Phones can view swf's?

I have Flash MX 2004 and I saved it to a Flash Lite 1 (which is my only option) - but my Nokia 6230i just say "Fileformat not supported".

If I'm wrong - could someone please tell me what I need to do? Would the best thing be to use Flash Professional 8? And if I had a Smart phone - would it have worked?

Any thoughts & ideas would be great.

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Only a few mobiles support Flash, and some of those need you to download and install a plug-in.  It would have to be some kind of smart phone - I've got an O2 XDA and I can use Flash on that.
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