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I'm developing a login page using Dreamweaver and an MS Access database.  I store username and password in the database and I'm able to login to the website without any issue.  My problem is not being able to register new users.  It's as if the mdb file is read only, but I've looked, and that's not the case.  So, I'm stuck.  Any ideas?  In the end, I need to know how to update a database located on the website, and can't seem to do so right now.

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Try giving the "everyone" group write access to the dba folder(or you can just do the file).

That should eliminate any permissions issues.

Usually, a page not found will not display though.  Its probably an issue with your form.  Have you tried recreating the form from scratch with no formatting on a blank page?

Also, make sure the inserted field names are correct.  Another thing you might want to check to see if the database has mandatory field your not filling in or a field that has a length value wrong.

Also, check the server logs on your test server: C:\windows\system32\logfiles.  Should start with a "W3SVC".  Note the error code and do a quick internet search.

Another quick thing you could do is change the form method from post to get, just to see whats going across, maybe theres some value you are not expecting.
What error (if any) are you getting?  First job is to make sure that ASP has write-access to the database file.  Right-click on the file and under the security tab, ensure that IUSR_computername has write access to the file.
jclemen11Author Commented:
Basically, when I enter the username, password, etc and then hit register, I go to another asp page that can't be displayed, and of course the database isn't updated either.  This is after I upload it to the remote view in Dreamweaver.  As for right-clicking on the file.  I've done that to all of the files and I don't see IUSR_computername.  I do however see VUSR_computername.  I'm unsure what the difference is, but I did grant write access to that as well without any luck.

Can you click the add users option and see if you can find the IUSR_ account.  This is what ASP uses to access your files.  Never heard of VUSR though so I don't know what that is.
Have you verified if the path (the ODBC connection) itself is not checked as read only?  You mentioned you checked the attributes earlier... was that on the .mdb file?  If so, check to see of the ODBC connection is set to read and write.

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