Display won't stay on with Dell machine

I have a customer who runs a Dell tower (not sure of the model...I think it's an Optiplex).  She was having trouble with her display (wouldn't stay on).  So I had her change monitors.  That seemed to fix the problem, but now she's still having the same old trouble.  She can turn the monitor off and back on, and the image will appear fine for about 3 or 4 seconds, then goes black.  The power button on the monitor remains green however.  I thought it was the video card, but then why would the problem go away temporarily when the monitor was changed?  Any ideas?
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Possibly an intermittant fault in the video cable?  Instead of pressing the power button to bring it back, try wiggling the cable at the back of the monitor.  Powercycling the monitor might be shaking the cable a bit, causing it to work temporarily.

Is the monitor a CRT or LCD?
dwd4243Author Commented:
I just reinstalled the video drivers from Dell and it seems to have done the trick
"Bad Caps".
The Optiplex family was a victim...especially 240-270 series mainboards. Moderate overheating exemplifies the problem causing a multitude of varying problems that are very hard to diagnose. I don't think you have a driver problem and I think problems are just beginning as cap problems increase with age. Remedy is to replace the mainboard.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Probably your PWU is engaged to this symptom, Have you tried changing it for test purpose??
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