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Posted on 2006-05-09
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Hi all,

part two of question Q_21843238.html

In the second part of the code, I will also need to amend the following:

<TH align="left">Branch </th>
<TH align="left">Product Code</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 1 </th>
<TH align="middle">Van 2  </th>
<TH align="middle">Van 3</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 4</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 5</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 6</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 7</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 8</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 9</th>
<TH align="middle">Van 10</th>
<TH align="middle">Total</th>

Above each of the "Van.." entries, I should be able to include a computed field, this computed field is a called description and has the van description. This field is also in the same form and view as the centre field in earlier code.

Could we maybe do a computed value for each description field, to look each equivalent value in the view(viewname). For example, if descrip1 exists in column 4 of view, the following should be done:

Create a computedvalue in script (as previous example in Q_21843238.html) and the value of it will be:

descrip1 := @Trim("Please Select":@IfError(@DbColumn("":"NoCache"; ""; "yournewview"; 4);""));

This is not a list, each field of the 10 description field has a different value, and they should each reside above or on mouseover of each equivalent van, for example, if I chose mousemove event, if I place mouse over van2, then i expect the descrip2 field details to pop up, otherwise hidden.

I also, couldn't work out where on the form these computed values shoule exist,
I thought, maybe on the same line as each equivalent van:

For example,

<TH align="middle">Van 1 onmouseover = computedtext </th>

Where computed text will have the lookup value from the view?

Am I really far of the track here? I need real advise.

Your help is much appreciated.
Question by:varvoura
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    if you have the list van desc in a field, you can use the formula below in each of the computed text

    AllVanDescField[1] for Van 1, AllVanDescField[2] for Van 2, and so on.

    i haven't tested this but I just wanted to raise that stringlist can be subscripted in R6.

    Author Comment


    We're using R5 server with R6 client. Would these still work?

    Each description field is separate. For example, the van description field has

    centre code
    desc 1

    I suppose in saying that, desc1 will be for van 1, desc2 for van 2, etc..
    Where would these computed field go on the $$viewtemplate, next to the <td> van1 </td>?


    Author Comment

    These description fields are also in the same view as the centre code, could we not use similar lookup in the formula in the computed text for each of the description field.

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    Expert Comment

    @dblookup should do it as long as you have a key which links the doc to the first sorted column of your lookup view.
    assuming centrecode is the key,
    decs:= @Trim(@IfError(@DbLookup("":"NoCache"; ""; "vkdescription"; centrecode; "<Description Field>");""));

    for R6, you can use decs[3] to get the van 1 description, decs[4] to get the van 2 description and so on

    for R5, @Subset(@Subset(decs;3);-1) to get the van 1 description, @Subset(@Subset(decs;4);-1) to get the van 2 description and so on


    Author Comment


    Where would this computed text be included on the $$viewtemplate form?

    I tried placing it next to <TD> van </TD>... but it does seem to work and outside of the table dimension, it also doesn't work because it needs to link to van field which exists within the table

    Author Comment

    Also, I am not sure if i am making understand this correctly

    we have two forms

    form 1 - vanlist - fields are: vwhcode(code of center) vqty1, vqty2.....vqty10

    form 2- vandesc - has vwhcode(code of center), desc1, desc2, desc3

    Where qty1 on form 1 relates to desc1 on form 2
    qty2 on form 1 relates to desc2 on form 2 and so on until 10

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    Accepted Solution


    create a view to display vandecs docs having vwhcode in the first sorted column. to get the description of van 1,
       (stick to R5 coding)
       descVar1 := @DbLookup("":"NoCache"; ""; "vkdescription"; <YourCentreCode>; "desc1");

    do the same for other van descriptions.

    do you need to lookup the van list as well? need to use 10 hidden fields to do so.


    Author Comment

    I resolved this issue different at work today, but I thank you so much for trying so hard to help. It is truly appreciated.


    Author Comment

    Used computed value and within the text, keyed in a lookup value which worked magic.

    Thanks again
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    Expert Comment

    thanks, but you don't have to accept my comment as answer if it didn't help you. :)

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