Make Table Invisible by using {IF {MERGEFIELD

Hi Experts,
Is it possible to make a whole word Table in a mailmerge document disappear/appear by just using {IF {MERGEFIELD
(ie not using VBA)
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Hello tbsgadi,

if i'm interpreting your question correct no you cannot work on other parts of a document with the IF{} mergefield condition only if the mergefield contains a table

hope this helps a bit
Save the table as Autotext and then remove it from the document.

{ IF {MERGEFIELD Field1} = "Tab1" { AUTOTEXT MyTable } "" }

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tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
To Clarify:

With mergefield condition I can make a field "invisible"
Eg {IF {MERGEFIELD AccessField}<0 " " "Something"}

I want to know if I can somehow do that for a Table
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yes i understood that, hadn't thought of the autotext as Graham came up with
tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
My Table also has Mergefields in it!
If not the table then can I do something to make the table borders disappear/appear?
what you can do is hide lines with the mergefields in it using the IF{} if that could mean that any borders around them would also become invisible i do not know but that would be worth a try
Is there a problem with having mergefields in the table?

@Graham, can you make some part autotext and still have mergefields in it?
I did a quick test with a merge field in one of the table cells, and it showed the table with the field value in the cell in the result document.

I'll try something more complex.
didn't knew that you could do that in the first place :-)
tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
I also came up with the idea of drawing lines inside the {IF}.
If noone comes up with a better Idea I'll go with that.
I have now tried displaying five fields inside the autotext table and it works OK for me.
tbsqadi, do you have problems with that?
tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
I'm looking at the  autotext table .
Looks excellent but I can't get the field { AUTOTEXT MyTable } to work!
tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
Learn new things Every Day:>
BTW where is the Autotext Saved? In the Template?
Yes. There is a box near the bottom of the AutoCorrect dialogue labelled 'Look in:', where you can choose between and any other Global template.
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