Excluding a user from the global address list

I am running Exchange 2003 enterprise. I have user who mainly works out of the office and wants her emails diverted to her private home email account.

At present, i do this by adding her private email as a contact within AD users and computers and then in the Exchange General / Delievery Options section of her domain account, adding this contact as a forwarding address.

The only problem is that the contact I have set up for her shows up in the global address list in addition to her domain account. She has now decided that she doesn't want people to know her private email address so I need to remove it from the global address list but still allow emails to be forwarded to it?

I realise that as a workaround i can use Out of office assistant but was wondering whether there was something else I could do at exchange level.
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What you can do is hide that Contact in Exchnage as exchange forwarder will still work for that user in windows 2003.
Go to contact and then Exchange Advanced and then click on Hide From Exchnage Address list it will hide the contact but in forwarder you can forward the mails.
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Hi metamatic,

Within the Exchange Advanced tab on AD for the private email, there is an option to "Hide from Exchange address lists".


Richard Quadling.
metamaticAuthor Commented:
Cheers - cant believe i missed it!
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Sorry for the duplicate post. Took me that long to find the option (VNC to server, login, AD,...)
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