Could you help me understand the difference between PPTP VPN and SSL-VPN?

I am afraid that PPTP is less secure since the traffic from the client is encrypted and can’t be scanned by the getaway antivirus.

Would SSL-VPN be more secure in that respect and how is that?
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Well there is a couple of things that you should consider for example:

1) What line speed do you have?.
2) Do you expect to deal with very important information?
3) What firewall do you have?.

1.) I mentioned the line speed because if you have everything encrypted and traveling over you internet link you will have you bandwith as well as capped data being quickly utilized. So this is on aspect to consider.

2) Also is encryption really necessary as PPTP is rather secure this is what I used to run on my previous companies network.

3) And if you want to use PPTP because of bandwith and so forth it's a good idea because then if you have a hard firewall eg Cisco Pix Firewall or similar device you can just add extra rule to check authentication for you VPN and then only your network authentication. Having SSL is not always very easy to setup up.

I would suggest you read the following link hope this will help you:




howeiAuthor Commented:
Hi Johan, thank you for comment.

1) 3 Mb DSL line, we are talking about 5-10 concurrent connections ever
2) information is very important
3) Sonicwall firewall

I have no problem with authentication. Since I have to give VPN access to the users I don't always trust or I don't have control of their PC/laptop configuration (home PC, airport, cybercafee....) I am running into risk: they could, without intention, bring the virus in.
It is apples and oranges.  The SSL VPN is the easiest to configure on the client side, because it is techncially client-less.  The expense and pain of configuring SSL on your sonicwall should only be done if you have new people to add to the VPN often, which doesn't sound like you.

Also it would be helpful for you to tell us your bandwidth in terms of up and down speed ratings.  (but sounds like you will have plenty assuming 512 up)

What are you going to encapsule in the VPN?

Also is this something that is new or existing?

Hope you came right sorry I haven't been reading post a lot lately did any of our information help you?.


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