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HP LaserJet 4050 - Strange Marks

I have a Laserjet 4050 here and when people print to it there are marks down the right side of the page.  It appears as if it might be gear marks, but i'm not sure.  Anybody have this problem before or know how I can stop it from happening?

The printer is shared through a computer set up with Windows XP.
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It is likely either the toner cartridge or the fuser.  If your print a page and open the top door to the toneer between the time it goes under the toner cartridge BUT before it goes into the fuser and look at the page.  It will be messy and toner will smear but you want to identify if the blemishes are on the paper at that time.  If they are then the toner cartridge is the likely source.  If clean then the source is likely the fuser.  What you describe as gear marks down the side is usually a sign the mechanical parts of the toner cartridge are worn out and replacing the toner cartridge will resolve this issue.  If you can swap the toner cartridge with another 4050 or 4000 the problem will likely follow the toner cartridge but this should confirm if the toner cartridge is the issue.

Hope this Helps!!!
you can also try cleaning the gears with a dry or moist cloth
The marks down the right hand side are being caused by the fuser. If you remove the fuser and take a look at the rollers you will find a worn area on the fuser the same side as the marks, the marks are caused by the fuser not fusing all the toner to the paper then it fuses some of the left over toner on the next revelution. If you print blank pages from within word you will find the marks will disapear but will return as soon as you print anything with toner in that specific area.
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