Updating multiple records at once.

Posted on 2006-05-09
Last Modified: 2013-12-24

I have a number of checkboxes on a field all have the same name: addedToSage. When multiple checkboxes are selected the output appears like this:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc etc

Those are the ID's of the records I have outputted on the page.

What i'm trying to do is update each record by the ID listed in the outputted variable when someone hits submit.

So essentially what I need to do is this:

<cfquery name="updateRecords" dataSource="#dsl#">


addedToSage = "true"

WHERE ID = #FORM.addedToSage#


This doesn't work. So is it a case of using listLen and establishing the length of the addedToSage string and then using a loop to update each record in turn?

Thanks for you time

Question by:chrissp26
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    Accepted Solution

    I believe what you're looking for is something like this.

    <cfquery name="updateRecords" datasource="#dsl#">
      UPDATE tablename
      SET addedToSage = "true"
      WHERE ID = <cfqueryparam value="#ListFirst(form.addedToSage)#" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_INTEGER" />
      <cfloop index="i" list="#ListRest(form.addedToSage)#">
        OR ID = <cfqueryparam value="#i#" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_INTEGER" />

    some people recommend the following (but I've had bad luck trying to get it to work)
    <cfquery name="updateRecords" datasource="#dsl#">
      UPDATE tablename
      SET addedToSage = "true"
      WHERE ID IN (<cfqueryparam value="#form.addedToSage#" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" />)
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    Assisted Solution

    I believe that you could just loop through. This would require id to be a numeric datatype. I'm simply adding some validation to ensure that your data is correct to save some headaches.

    <cfset insertList = "">

    <cfloop list="#form.addedToStage#" index="x">
     <cfif isnumeric(x)>
      <cfset insertList = listappend(insertList,x)>

    <cfif listlen(insertList) gt 0>
     <cfquery name="updateRecords" datasource="#dsl#">
       UPDATE tablename
       SET addedToSage = "true"
       WHERE ID IN (#insertlist#)

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