Systems Security Group and Active Directory

While I was looking in the Security tab of a certain folder, I found the security group "system" as an entry.  I went into active directory and searched for this group, but I couldn't find it.  Can anyone tell me the purpose of this security group?  Do I need this group to have rights to all my folders?  Thanks,
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jasonwilliams74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To be honest, i've never touched it and I don't think I would (at least in a production environment...I would tinker with it a test environment). Since it is the "OS" group, I assume the OS needs access to the folder to be able to perform certain actions.

Lastly, since you cannot assign anyone to the "system" group, I don't see it as a security risk (someone correct me if im wrong.)

What you could also do is create a test folder, share it, see the default permissions and how it is created. Check the permissions and modify them if you like.

Just some ideas to think about.

The "system" group is  the Operating System. It is a builtin group that will not be listed DSA.MC (computer management users and groups), but it will appear in ACL.

Does that help?
ntiguyAuthor Commented:
Yes it does.  So does that mean it is mandatory for the system group to be present in the security tab?
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