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Nero 6 Cannot Burn to DVD

I am running the OEM version of Nero Express 6.  I have single layer DVDs and am trying to burn a collection of MP3s (church sermons, perfectly legit).

When I select the files and hit Burn, the DVD is immediately ejected and Nero says there is no DVD in the drive.

The DVDs are brand new - I just took the shrinkwrap off last night.

Any ideas?
2 Solutions
Sounds like a hardware issue with the DVD recorder. Here are a couple of suggestions to try.
Check the Nero website for any updates.
Check manufacturer of the dvd drive website for any fiirmware updates.
Does windows allow you to burn CD/DVD's using windows Explorer. Probably cheaper to buy an new recorder for the saving in time.
rjander77Author Commented:
Yes, I can burn CDs with the same drive, which is a Lite-On and is less than a year old.  I burned a DVD of MP3s to take to work recently, and it worked fine.  I've never done much with DVD other than that, so I think the problem is more with my knowledge, or lack thereof.

I'll check for updates when I get home tonight.  Other than that, please let me know of any other ideas.

Greetings, rjander77 !

There could be something wrong with the DVD disks themselves.  Try to use a different brand or a disk from another batch.

Best wishes!
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Do you know the media code of the DVDs? Chances are you purchased DVDs that are not of good quality.
rjander77Author Commented:
I have some here at work I can swap out and I'll try it at home tonight.

I'll also post back with the media code.

Thanks for the help!
Check the type of Drive see if it is a DVD+R or DVD-R and make sure that the media you have bought is the correct one for the drive. Newer DVDs will read both + and - DVDs but it may be that yours doesnt. Go to the Lite on website and check the specification.
rjander77Author Commented:
Will do.  Thanks, and I'll post back with what I find out.
rjander77Author Commented:
The disks must have been bad.  They are Maxell DVD-Rs.  I cannot find the media code.

Thanks for all the help!
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