SSIS package to mirror a database

I have two SQL 2005 database servers, production and development. I need to write a SSIS package to mirror data from the prod to the dev server for testing with real data.

 What is the best way to do it , I want only new data from that day to be mirrored every night, because of the database size(huge).

1) I can use the built in wizard to copy the database

2) write my own Data flow tasks with a query to pick data pertaining to that day. ( problem : some tables do not have date time fields)

Options and suggestions .................
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Ved Prakash AgrawalDatabase Consultant/Performance ArchitectCommented:
I think you should write SSIS package which can give the power in your hand ..
so that you can miirror data...

the best think is you can schedule your task in SQL with SSIS package..

if you can add the datetime column that's give you the knowledge when was data inserted into the table..
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