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Not sure whether this should be posted here or in OS, let me know if you think I have it wrong.  We have recently purchased (but have not yet recieved) two new DL360G4p Xeon 3.4 servers.  I am told that we can install the x64 edition of Windows 2003 on these, I am surprised since these servers were initally spec'd for 32bit editions of OS.  Can anyone tell me if this is going to work? and if so how?

Obviously going 64bit is for performance purposes so any points surrounding this would helpful (we won't be buying Itanium processors though)

I'll happily increase points for more detailed helpful answers
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I don't think HP would offer x64 drivers for the systems if they didn't support x64 OSs:

Most P4 Xeon processors, especially those sold today, support x64 based operating systems.  Just make sure your software will work on it and that there are drivers for all the hardware you intend to use.  This problem will fade over time, but right now, that's the biggest concern.
The latest dual-core Xeon processors can indeed run the 64-bit version of Windows.    

Here's the detailed information on Xeon processors and 64-bit compatability: http://www.intel.com/products/processor/xeon/index.htm

And, here's HP's list of supported operating systems for your exact server:  http://h10018.www1.hp.com/wwsolutions/windows/dl360g4p-drivers-cert.html

As the previous post indicated, there's a whole lot more to what you're doing in terms of being able to run on Windows-64.  Specifically, check the requirements for EVERY single application you intend to run on this server.  Likewise for the drivers for any additional hardware you intend to add (for example, some special PCI care for fibrechannel, or whatever...).   All it takes is ONE package that doesn't support 64-bit to kill the deal.........

Ha!  My bad, I didn't notice the exact URL I gave was the same one already there.  Oops-  take away some points for that from me :-o
They'll take x64 but you won't gain very much speed unless your running 64 bit apps.. Terminal Services runs OK
with Xeons on x64 but thats about it.. I wouldn't go through the trouble (drivers and such) unless you really
think you need it.
mcmonapAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the comments and warnings, I am surprised - I could not believe that we would not pay a premium for running a 64bit OS.  I think we should be okay apps wise it will be W2K3 and 64 bit SQL.
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