Is it possible to configure RRAS to run a bat file everytime it connects to a specific device?

Running W2K3 RRAS in a workgroup.  Multiple connectiods are configured on the server for connecting to field devices.  Every so often some custom software polls the field device.  This poll attempt for any given device always uses the same connection.  Each field device has a unique IP address.

For some reason the connection is dropped during the call.  Pinging the field device IP address once the connection is made keeps the link up and greatly improves reliability.  

So what I need is a way to have a specific bat file run when a connection is made to a specific IP address.

Is that possible?
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi averyb,

never heard of anything like it - what your asking for is like a logon script for an IP.... i honestly dont think this is possible, but thats only because i havent seen it done
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