search large byte[] for the existiance of a smaller byte[] with C# and .NET 2.0

I'm reading a binary file into a byte array and need to search the bytes for patterns..

for file i read into:
byte[] fileBuffer = new byte[filesize];

and I'm trying to search for:
byte[] targetDLL = { 0x2E, 0x64, 0x6C, 0x6C, 0, 0 }; (and a few others)

A C#.NET 2.0 example of how to search the large file byte array for my smaller 'patterns' would be greatly appreciated!  
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it is actually pretty simple ...

if just getting it right is important ...

for(int i=0;i<fileBuffer.Size;i++) {
    if(fileBuffer[i] == targetDLL[current]) {
         if(current == tagetDLL.Length) {
              Console.WriteLine("Found pattern at index " + (i - TargetDLL.Length).ToString());
    } else {
         current = 0;

if you are trying to optimize it to be fast I would use unmanaged code and a pointer to iterate through the byte arrays (much faster).


Greg Young
* Not for points, but I believe a minor change is required:

  if(current == targetDLL.Length) {
    Console.WriteLine("Found pattern at index " + (i - targetDLL.Length).ToString());
    current = 0;
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