Image Getting Cut Off On Webpage

rito ppl!

first look here:

then go here:

you can kinda see what i need. i want that graphic as the background on the top banner - but not half cut off. if you look at the source code, the banner is comprised of a <div> tag - and if ur really keen you can view the CSS at - the class is "top banner"

i think i need to do something to this in fireworks or something though - not a CSS or HTML problem. Can anyone help me?
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siva350Connect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu need to shrink your image to the size of the colum it is the background for. You can do this in any image editing software. If you use photoshop you can use the crop tool, just set the height and width and select the portion of the picture you wish to use then click ok and your pic will be cropped and resized. You may want to use the sharpen filter when you are done to clear up some of the blur you get from shrinking.

this may help
lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

siva350 is correct, you need to resize the image to the area of your banner. CSS will not "squeeze" the image to fit into a defined space as HTML could (which would be poor practice anyway, but...). You might also want to validate your CSS code, or at the least take a look at your results in Firefox so you can see what the other 15% will see...

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