Citrix Auto-Creation failed. Event ID 1116

I'm having major problems where the Citrix Print Manager services does auot-create printers. I have 5 PS4 W2K3 SP1 servers. I have hotfix R01, 009, 010 install on all servers. A user wll log into a published application and they will receive a message that they have no default servers when attempting to print. I then checked the printers and I see no auto-created printers. My event logs have 1116 come up everywhere.  the Citrix Print Manager service was started but if I re-start it then works fine until the next outage. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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gsgiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The printer driver you need to be using is the HP Laserjet 4.

Using the below article, you can configure citrix (and ts) to use a lj 4 driver, no matter what is coming in (i.e. HP 4050) ...

Also, it is fairly well known not to use PCL 6 drivers - unstable!   --- Use pcl 5 drivers.


It might be worth adding the following hotfixes:

PSE400R01W2k3007: Entries added to the print driver auto-replication list are deleted after 24 hours.
PSE400R01W2k3026: Fixes a bunch of stuff.
PSE400R01W2K3027: Replaces PSE400R01W2K3010 (which you say you have installed).
PSE400R01W2K3042: Printer policies for setting a session network printer as the default printer works inconsistently or not at all.

PSE400R01W2K3053: Manually set printers fail to be set as default printers within sessions. Also, default printers are not set when using workspace control to connect to an existing session from a different client.

PSE400R01W2K3051 - replaces PSE400R01W2K3001 (which you have installed) and PSE400R01W2K3007 (which I listed above), as well as fixing a bunch of stuff.

phishbone4Author Commented:
I tried installing all these hotfixes but the problem is still occuring. What happens is some user will login and cause an event log 1116"Printer auto-creation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x5. Client name: (etelmar-60_01760) Printer name: (HP LaserJet 4050 on US-NY-SRV-DC-02 (from etelmar-60_01760) in session 1) Port name: (Client:1:\\US-NY-SRV-DC-02\HP LaserJet 4050) Driver name: (HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL 6) Print processor: (WINPRINT)" Print Management is the category and metaframe is the source.

Once that happens, no printers can auto-create. It causes the Citrix Print Manager Service to fail eventhough its shows that it has started. Once I restart, printers start auto-creating again.
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