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DNS Unable to resolve Names after Reinstalling Active Directory


I am facing a major problem on my network, I had to reinstall Active Directory on my Windows 2003 Server. But I didnt Reinstall DNS server. Now I am facing a major problem, I am unable to resolve names on my Network. If I want to add new members to my domain I am getting "domain <domainname> not found " error's.

Need Help resolving this errors.

Thanks in Advance


2 Solutions
try adding manually to hosts file,,, but most likely you'll need DNS running to find and resolve domain.local and even of some authentication problems you'll have.. Why did u not install DNS back??

might want to check this out http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/w2k3/W2K3_AD_DNS.htm

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Manish, are you sure DNS is not installed. I thought it was a forced step in installing AD. Check if the DNS management console is functioning under Administrative tools.
Perhaps it is a configuration issue.
If installed, and you want to begin troubleshooting, I would start with running DCDiag on the server from a command line. It is available as part of the 2003 support tools or you should be able to obtain from:

You might also want the following DNS checklist:
Assuming you have completed the server installation, installed Active Directory, and joined the workstations to the Domain, make sure DNS is configured as follows, assuming a single network adapter:
-The server's NIC should be configured with a static IP, the Internet router as the gateway, and only the server itself as the DNS server. Do not use an ISP DNS server here
-Each workstation should be configured using DHCP (obtain and IP address and DNS automatically) or if configured with static addresses; a static IP in the same subnet as the server, same subnet mask as the server, the gateway pointing to your Internet router, and the DNS server pointing ONLY to the server/domain controller. Again do not put an ISP's DNS server here
-In the DNS management console under Administrative tools, right click on the server name and choose properties. On the Forwarders tab add your ISP's DNS servers
-If the workstations are using DHCP, open the DHCP management console on the server under Administrative tools and click on the server name to expand it, click on the scope to expand it, right click on scope options and choose configure options. On the general tab add the Internet router's IP in #003 router and the server's IP in #006 DNS Servers
-DHCP should really be enabled on the server rather than on a router. Enabling DHCP on the server allows for dynamic updates to DNS

Also where you have been having problems, on the workstations that have been having problems you should clear the DNS cache by entering at a command line  IPConfig  /flushdns
manishmestryAuthor Commented:
As I had explained previously, We had first run DCpromo to demote the Server & later we had again run a dc promo to rebuild AD on the server, this was done for renaming the Server Machine name, We hadnt touched the DNS, i.e. no changes were done to the DNS Server.

But Now I want to Configure the DNS server to cater to this AD Domain. Please suggest how can i go about with minimal effort

Thanks in Advance

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
On the All Programs menu, under Administrative Tools you will see "Manage Your Server". Open that and at the top of the list is "Add or remove a role". Open that and choose next. In the list will be DNS server, which if not installed will say "no" under configured. Highlight DNS, choose next and follow the DNS installation and configuration wizard.

If it has been installed , on the "Manage Your Server" page there will be an option for DNS server with an option to "Manage this DNS Server.
manishmestryAuthor Commented:
But how do i configure DNS as Active Directory Is already Installed, on the server, How do i configure AD to communicate with this new DNS, Any link to guide me will be helpful.


Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you confirmed in the control panel that DNS is not installed? To check go to add/remove programs ? windows components | Networking Service -Details | Domain Name System
I didn't think it was possible to install AD without it, if not installed it if asks you to do so during the installation and I don't remember 'no' being an option.
You may need to run DCPromo again to uninstall, install DNS and then run DCPromo, but hold off I'll see if I can get someone more familiar with Active directory issues to have a look at this.
Good evening all :)

first of Robwill is correct, one of the core components of AD is DNS, without DNS, AD doesnt exist - no way around it, just the way it is...

if you have changed your domain name when you repromoted your system , then just delete your DNS forward and reverse lookup zones, and then recreate them with the new domain name... make sure the zones are AD integrated restart your netlogon service and watch your zones repopulate with the correct records

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks manishmestry,

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