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Highspeed Internet conflicts against pcAnywhere using lowbandwith(modem)

I have dynamic address for DSL Internet access at remote site.
Everytime, when I use pcAnywhere using telephone line to get in the remote machine, the remote internet access is cut off. The only solution is manual resetting the DSL modem at the site.  Is there any solution for this conflict?  
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Hi Yukiwase,

when you reset the DSL does it boot your phone connection off?

its gateway problems i think your dialling into the machine effectively changing all the internet settings........
When you connect to your remote system do you have 2 diffrent PCA Hosts you run on the remote machine (example one is TCP/IP and one is modem) to allow connections or do you use 1 PCA Host with both he TCP/IP and Modem option selected.... I think I have to agree with Jay_Jay as the PCA is changing your settings to allow for a connection... but you should be able to fix it by:

Using the latter of the 2 if you are not, for the fact that the remote system will be looking for incomming calls from either the DSL or the Dial Up modem.  

If I might ask what is the reason for using dial up if the DSL connection is there and up?  I use a similar configuration at work but I only use the "Dial" if the DSL connection is down.  

I also have one other question when you say "the remote internet access is cut off" do you mean all access to the internet for that remote machine is cut off or do you mean a connection via PCA through the DSL is cut off?  Sorry if I just confused the matter more... but I dont belive PCA can have 2 connections at the same time.
YukiwaseAuthor Commented:
Let me clear my problem a little.
I'm using host system as touch screen POS terminal and it is required up connection to the internet through DSL TCP/IP for customer's credit card authorization and settlement. On the other hand I have to access the POS system for in case of emergency maintenance through telephone modem using pcAnywhere since it has only dynamic TCP/IP address (I'll use DSL connection for PCA if it has a static address) . By the way, there is only one PCA host connection with the lowband modem now.  
I have seen the facts of the internet disconnection while I have PCA connection by seeing the local area connection stop receiving signals (no blinking nor steady lights off) on the local network icon. I have only a solution that is hard resetting on the DSL modem once this happens.  The rebooting host does not fix this problem.  Is htere any sonfiguration to fix this problem?
Couple of things...

Questions... What version of PCA are you using?  Is it updated? Have you tried to re-install it incase something went wrong there?

I dont know of a setting in PCA (Version 11 is what I use) that will disconnect the eithernet connection when a Dial connection is accepted.  I was thinking... one other suggestion if it is possible try loading VNC on it and using VNC instead.  Would help to narrow down the problem to PCA or just the modem/router at the site in question.

Could it possibly be a bad DSL Modem or DSL Signal that anytime that phone is used the DSL Signal is weak or lost all together?  Have you talked with the DSL provider and had the signal strength checked?

That is prety much it for my ideas I hope you get it figured out!

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