Customising Pinned menu default?

Hi Experts, one of you will surely have this answer

I want to create a default "pin to start" for my users.

I cannot find a file location or registry setting that allows me to make a customised Pin to Start so that I can roll this out.



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sramesh2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The Pinned list is stored in the registry as binary values, and there is no programmatic access to the Pinned list. See if customizing the "Default User" profile helps.

How to create a custom default user profile:

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is a "Pin to Start"? (it may be something obvious and my sleep depravation is causing me to be a moron)
jsulliva1957Author Commented:
Hi Victor.

There is no such thing as ignorance in computing, otherwise I would not be in the game.

In Windows XP, if you go with the new desktop style, there is an option to "Pin to Start". (Right click an executable file and you should see this option).

Once an executable is "Pinned" it appears in the popup list when you click "start". (Unlike the MRU list) pinned programs stick and do not disappear if they are not used for a while.



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OK... I was a moron... I knew that... lol!
jsulliva1957Author Commented:
Thanks Everyone.

Ramesh thanks for your help (You get the points), because it pushed me to look further afield, and I found an article:

( Note I edited this article to enhance the explanation, so refer to the original if you want to cross check:

[start of article]

1. Set the pinned items the way that you want.
2. Open regedit and navigate to the following key: [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartPage]
3. Export the above key to a reg file.
4. Using Notepad or a similar text editor, open the reg file and remove all values EXCEPT FavoritesChanges, FavoritesResolve, and Favorites.
5. Set the DWORD value of FavoritesChanges to 2. (To test it now, add 1 to the current value.[My DWORD value was 6, so I changed it to 7])
6. Save the reg file.
7. To test this, make sure you did the "test now" part in step 5 and then merge the data into the registry.

Hope this Helps.

As for what the exact data is, I'm not sure. But, if you go and edit Favorites and FavoritesResolve, you will see in the ASCII portion of the editing window pathnames, filenames, and other binary data. Because path names and filenames are variable, it could be using a character counter or a end of field marker. I'll leave it up to the guys who hack DLL files figure this one out.

[end of article]


Thanks, Jim.
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