Reporting Services startup lag

I've recently installed reporting services on my server. My problem is when I go to the reports default directory and if no one has accessed the server for a few hours it takes me about 30 seconds to a minute to load the page. If I refresh or go to the page within a few minutes of the first load, the page loads right away...

It sounds like the server is on idle and once a kick start it it runs perfectly.

Here are the specs for that server:

Windowns Server 2003 (SP1), SQL Server 2000 (SP4)
4 Inter Xeon Processors (1.4GHz)
10GB of RAM
Turn off hard disks option is set to 'Never'

Any suggestions? Thanks
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Eugene ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what SQL RS service pack do you have?
There is SP2 available for download:
nito8300Author Commented:
I just the upgrade, same issue...
Eugene ZCommented:
did you check event viewer?  what is cpu on the box ? do you have sql server installed on the box? antivirus is working fine - can you see if it is configured right?
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nito8300Author Commented:
Hi. Sorry for the delay. You need SQL Server in order to run Reporting Services. Antivirus is working fine.

<<what is cpu on the box ?>>  not sure what you mean here. I have 4 Inter Xeon Processors (1.4GHz)
nito8300Author Commented:
I got my answer from google.
I changed the DefaultAppPoll Idle time to 0 and that seemed to work.

Eugene ZCommented:
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