IIS Error Log File showing Reason Phrase 'Connection_Dropped'

I am facing some abnormal behaviour in ASP.NET web Application with Oracle 9i at backend. A single save event some time inserts multiple record in database. On investigating i found  following entry in IIS error Log file of Web Server hosting this Application.

2006-05-06 14:42:33 'IP' 2891 'IP' 7878 HTTP/1.1 POST ABC.aspx - 1 Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool

i am not able to find the meaning of 'Connection_Dropped' error Reason.

Can please any one tell me, if there is some other reason for inserting multiple record in database on a single save event. we are using Oracle .Net Client for data access purpose.

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This URL i think gives a solution for your problem
http://www.webservertalk.com/archive120-2004-8-343606.html ....as mentioned in the MS artcle http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;821268&Product=asp given in the above URL try to tweak the variables and see if the error goes off
Which version of IIS are you using there? In case fo IIS 6 are you using the deafult application pool for all the application. Can you find anything in the event logs.The above error i think you got it form HTTPerr log file.

Have you done any upgrade to the web server recently. In one of the forum i had found that when they migrated from 2000 server to 2003 these kind of errors used to come up

Another forum  in the case of asp the solution was given to re-instll the IIS :-)

or if you are vey patient you can download Debugdiag a tool from microsoft and analyse the reason for the crash.
dvcomAuthor Commented:

I am using IIS 6, and only running one application on the web server. There is nothing special in event Log file. Also please send the exact debug tool name required to analyze the reason of crash.

Main problem is, what is the Meaning of 'Connection_Dropped' in http error log file record mentioned previously.

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