Unable to Print From Citrix it self

Dear All,

i have here one Problem with My Citrix server.

the user when they connect to my citrix server they reported to me that they are unable to Print.

when they open citrix and try to access the application - finance applicaion installed on citrix, they are unable to print on the printer which is configured locally, while if they are closed the citrix and start locally , they are unable to Print normally without any problems .

please urgent solution to that guys .
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Let me post my troubleshooting flowchart.  I made this for clients I set up with Citrix:

Printer Troubleshooting Flowchart – for Autocreation of printers

1) Client cannot print from Citrix or from Workstation
 a. Troubleshoot locally and then test from Citrix
2) Client can print from Workstation but not from Citrix
 a. Printer shows up on server but does not print properly
    i. Try an alternate driver: if PCL6 find a different PCL driver, if PS make sure client has a PS driver and try a different PS driver on the server
    ii. Try a generic PCL or PS driver (HP LaserJet 4 for older PCL printers, HP LaserJet Series II for newer low end PCL printers)
    iii. Try a universal driver such as the Server 2003 fallback driver or a Citrix Universal Print Driver
    iv. Finally, if the printer is networked and your Citrix server is on the same LAN, map the printer via a local TCP/IP port on the server.  Be sure to lock the printer down on the server to just the users who should see it!  
 b. Printer does not show up on server
    i. There is no error in the event viewer
        1. Your client is probably using a non standard port name, use the Printer Port Mapping Fix described in KB302361.  
        2. Your client does not have “Map client printers” set in the RDP or Citrix client.  
    ii. There is an error in the event viewer – if you find an error related to printer mapping, note the driver name as in the following example:  

Client printer auto-creation failed.  The driver could not be installed. Possible reasons for the failure: The driver is not in the list of drivers on the server. The driver cannot be located. The driver has not been mapped. Client name: (JDoe) Printer: (Business Office LJ 2200 (from JDoe) in session 12) Printer driver: (HP LaserJet 2200 PCL6)

In the above error, the driver that cannot be mapped is “HP LaserJet 2200 PCL6”.  

        1. The best choice for this situation is to map the trouble driver to one already on the server such as an “HP LaserJet 2000 Series PCL”.  You might need to extract the driver: go to ‘Printers’ on the server, from the ‘File’ menu, click ‘Server Properties’, go to the ‘Drivers’ tab, click ‘Add Driver’, and go through the wizard to add the driver.  
        2. If this does not work try a generic driver such as the HP LaserJet 4, HP LaserJet Series II, or a “Universal Driver”
        3. If this still does not work, download a compatible driver from the manufacturer web site.  Try to only load drivers that are specifically “tested for use with Terminal Services and Citrix”.  Avoid PCL6, these are flakey on a terminal server.  

I hope this helps and does not just muddy the waters; my clients found this doc very helpful though.  Here is a site that is key for troubleshooting printer issues:


Stefan Vermeulen is a legend in the Citrix support forums
I believe in the last sentence you are trying to say locally they are able to print but not from the Citrix via remote connection.
You need install the printer drivers locally on citrix too. It should be the same as they are using on client PCs.
After doing that if it still doesnt print, you need to do the mapping of printer drivers which can be done in management console of Citrix.
rolamohammedAuthor Commented:
No, wait for me and try to understand me.

for example, if i have my PC here Have a Printer Installed Locally which is Attached to My PC.

and on My PC, i install Citrix client, and i connect to Citrix servver.

Now i have here in front of my the Citrix server Desktop, and we have installed AXAPTA Client - ERP Application on Citrix server.and he can connect to it , and access the application.

Now while he is working on Citrix server desktop and open the application, he wants to print something, the Printer is not working or he is unable to print.

so as i understood, No need to install Printer Driver on Citrix server, because it will take the job order of printing and send it to the Client machine and then the client machine will print normally.

so do you think i am correct on this or wrong ? if wrong please correct me , and tell me how to solve this issue ?
When you have connected your computer to Citrix and when you use the application installed on Citrix server, it is like you are using Citrix server itself. If the printer is not installed on Citrix, you will not be able to print. Its like if you go to Citrix Server itself and open the application, you will not be able to print unless the printer driver is available on the Citrix. When a Client connects to the Citrix, Citrix server has the ability to automatically map the drivers of printers installed on client computer. But in some cases Citrix is not able to match the correct driver and will not work. To solve this problem the printer driver has to be installed on the Citrix for correct mapping of the driver.
Hope I am clear. Feel free to ask if you still have any doubts or if I misunderstood something
Good Luck!
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