i need help finding good affiliate programs or networks that have high paying affiliate programs for all types of loans and insurance products.

i have two sites which i have not been updating and most of the affilate programs were from befree or other places that send my visitors to error pages.

i am looking for long term offers not, offers that will expire in a month or two.

i want to get paid on a cpa basis (meaning if they fill out the form i get paid)   not on sales (meaning i have to wait for an actual sale to the customer to get paid)

I am looking for any type of insurance or loan affiliate programs, after that i am also looking for any other long term cpa offers for leads i generate (i get people to fill out forms)

i am hoping to get answers from people who are actually promoting the affiliate programs or networks they recomend to me and having good results.
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amitkh2006Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try the following websites for collection of numerous affiliate programs:-
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