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C# I/O Read Bytes Query

Hi All,

I am developing a c# console Application that is talking to a piece of hardware through event handlers. After the application had been running from a certain period of time we received a message from windows stating that it was having to increase the virtual memory of the system. Looking at the processes in task manager it was found that the I/O Read Bytes for our Application was continually rising at a fast rate. The memory useage is staying constant so their doesn't appear to be a memory leak.

Does anybody have any ideas, do I need to handle my own garbage collection?

Thanks in advance.
2 Solutions
which events is the application processing?

Is it processing alot of events that are being ignored?

Put some logging statements in the code to see what the application is doing when VM increases.
You can try loosening up the loop and throwing a GC.Collect() in there, just to see what happens.
CoreSupportAuthor Commented:
We're making an I\O read to the hardware via event handlers every 500ms, analysis of the memory and vm seems to indicate there is no memory. We have come to the conclusion that there was no problem.

Thanks for the replies.

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