Huge file can not be downloaded.

I'd like to publish a very huge file (~ 100GB).
But 403 forbidden error is returned.
I've tried to change the file's permission even to 777, not working.
I've tried to test downloading a smaller file in the same folder, it worked fine.
What should I do to make the file downloadable?

Any advice would be very appreciated, thank you very much in advance.
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It would seem then that you need more space to do what you want. Try talking with the server system administrator or their helpdesk they may be able to assist you to find some temp space on their server.
Check for Packet loss, Which router youre using?
WOW! That's big. I don't even think FTP even goes that high!

I presume that is compressed as well? Not sure what the file size limit on the HTTP protocol is but 100 GB is a lot. What does the rest of the HTTP response say when you try and download?
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Can you use the "split" command to divide your large file up into smaller file chunks and then upload them.
On the server you can "cat" the chunks together again to create your large file.
busakornAuthor Commented:
I'm so new to the network stuff.
Here's what I'm trying to do.
The file I want to make downloadable is the tar file and I'd like to move it from one server to the other.
After using scp and decompressing it, there is not enough space for both tar file and decompressed folder in one server.
Any suggestion to do so?
What coursed me to ask the question is I've tried to use curl to download the file and decompress it on the fly but as far as I know, curl needs http to download.

Thank all of you very much.
Please give me more suggestion on the issue.
busakornAuthor Commented:
veedar, is that the only way?
I think you pinpointed the problem yourself, "there is not enough space for both tar file and decompressed folder in one server"

So the solution is to either find or add more space for you to use or failing that shrink your tar file. So you can talk to the people who may be able to provie you more space or maybe you can make a series of smaller tar files instead of one big one? Then download and un-tar them one at a time.
busakornAuthor Commented:
Actually, I'm the administrator of the system.
And I've already asked for more money and more space of the server.
Thank all of you ;-)
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