Connecting to Citrix Secure Gateway from external using Program Neighborhood

Hi guys!

Hope u can help (u always do because youre great!)

Okay - problem.

I can connect to my secure gateway externally by using the web interface. We are using one of our internal servers as a certificate server.
The way we do it is to install the certificate on the external boxes.

However, when I try an create an ica connection in Program Neighborhood, I cant locate the server.

Successful connection is made by the following:

https://<public ip address>

The certificate is installed on the client, and it brings up the web interface page.

This citrix machine is both the web interface AND the secure gateway.

The only thing we have advertised/natted is its public ip address/internal and port 443 open. That's all.

Can someone PLEASE give me a clue as to what/how would I go about setting up an ica connection in program neighborhood?

On the same thing (I think), we want to be able to give around 10 users the SAME domain account to use externally and open up their OWN session of the same citirx application. Can you have MULTIPLE sessions for the SAME domain account if they connect through the WEB INTERFACE, or is this only possible if you connect using PROGRAM NEIGHBORHOOD OR THE AGENT? The reason I ask is that I dont seem to be able to have multiple sessions for the same user launching the same application - once you launch it a second time, the first user loses their session - I have enabled the feature for multiple sessions but it only seems to work when they use program neighborhood. Is this a limitation of the web interface??

Thanks guys in advance.

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ok about the first question I have an answer now.  You cannot connect to secure gateway using Program Neighborhood unless you are using Relay Mode.  Furthermore you cannot be using both modes at the same time (you have to choose relay mode or normal mode).  If you need to use Program Neighborhood then you can always add another secure gateway server or simply open up the citrix farm for direct connections through the firewall.  I wouldn't recommend either of these solutions though.  Hopefully the info about Workspace Control will solve your problem and let you not worry about Program Neighborhood.  If there is a bigger problem that you have not mentioned yet please let me know so I can give you some different options to solve it.
hey Simon:

For your first question about using Program Neighborhood & Secure Gateway I'm actually not sure about that.  I know you can use Program Neighborhood with Relay Mode but have never thought about configuring it with the normal CSG/WI setup so I'll look that up and let you know.

For your second question I do have an answer:

You can have multiple people use the same user id and connect through the web interface like you want.  The reason you are having problems is due to a feature called "Workspace Control".  This enables people to roam from computer to computer and when they log in it will automatically connect them to all the apps they previously had opened on the first computer.  You just need to disable this so that a user (or multiple users with the same ID) can have sessions running from mutliple locations similtaneously.  

To do this open the Access Suite Console ( the web interface admin utility).  Under the section called "Other Tasks" there is a link for "Manage Workspace Control".  Just click there and disable it completely... problem solved.
sorry forgot to post the link about relay mode:

Page 140
Simon336697Author Commented:

Once again - a huge thank you to you - brilliant as always!

If yourself and others dont mind, Im going to post another question about installing office (excel) and root drives.

Thank you.

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