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Dear Experts,
Data is fetched using @dbcolumn to a field. This data should be visible as Marquee....kind of Scrolling News(You can see in TV Channels, Scrolling News from Right to Left).
I need it from Right to Left scroll without jerks and speed should be uniform.

Please keep in mind, this is a Notes based application. version 6.5

I used NotesTimer , but it displays jerks....

If I am using JavaScript, it is taking internal memory and after reaching certain limit, it gives javascript Compile error or it  gives NSD running error.

If you need code, do let me know.

Any ideas?

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madheeswarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for response. As I said earlier, if I use JS, I get JavaScript Compiling Error. And if I use LotusScript, it is Jerky and client is not accepting.

Applets should not be used in this database.

Any other ideas?
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You might consider using the OS, windows API instead of the Lotus TImer, since it could provide more accuracy, but I am not sure about how to get it to work as an interrupt.
Another option is the C API.

Did you check all the examples in the above links ?

madheeswarAuthor Commented:
Yes.. I checked all the examples above. When I use JS, MemoryUsage is incrementing. I need to kill this dynamic memory allocation atleast.
Any ideas on how to do this?

You might want to post a reqest in the Java TA on how to fix the Java issue. They may have a work around for you.

I hope this helps !
madheeswarAuthor Commented:
Hi Partha,
Thanks for response.
I used same code before and have the JS Compiling error after a time. JS is taking internal memory and we cannot remove it.

So, I opted for Applet which I got from another source.
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