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The famous Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING

Ok so I got this script thing installed on my site, and the line that I get this error is:

$nrsubscribed.="<font class="title"><center>"._ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED."</font></center><br><br>";

Just off hand, can anyone see anything in there missing anything? Installation may be wrong, But Im just curious to see if anything is missing in here?

let me know

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Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeverloperCommented:
$nrsubscribed.="<font class=

" <<<< this " close the one in the line above. As it is needed IN the string, you have to escape it to make it NOT behave like a closing string.



As you are NOT including any PHP variables, use single quotes to enclose straight text.

$nrsubscribed.='<font class="title"><center>"._ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED."</font></center><br><br>';

But if you need " and ' in the text then use the heredoc method...

$nrsubscribed.= <<< END_SOME_MARKER
<font class="title"><center>"._ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED."</font></center><br><br>

Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeverloperCommented:
The END_SOME_MARKER can be anything sensible. I have always used END_xxxx where xxxx is the type of text (HTML, CSS, JS, SQL) or the closing tag if a complicated tag (END_HTML_OPTION, END_HTML_SELECT, etc).

You cannot embed function calls or constants in this way unfortunately. You will need to create normal variables for them.

Also, the HTML is way bad!!! Opening and closing tags out of sequence...

Try ...

$nrsubscribed.= <<< END_SOME_MARKER
<font class="title"><center>$_ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED</center></font><br /><br />


$nrsubscribed.= "<font class=\"title\"><center>" . _ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED . "</center></font><br /><br />"'

Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeverloperCommented:
Oops. Typo...

$nrsubscribed.= "<font class=\"title\"><center>" . _ESOLUTIONNOTSUBSCRIBED . "</center></font><br /><br />";

; and not ' on the end of the line.
thechase22Author Commented:
I think you was more or less on track, so ill give the points

Thanks for your time :)
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeverloperCommented:
What do you mean? More or less!? (<grin />)


The TString the error is referring to is the word 'title'

After the opening " for class= (which is actually interpreted as the closing "), the next thing would be either a . to append more text or a ; to terminate the statement.



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