WindowsXP-Pro-sp2 ErrorCode: 0x80040507

I installed winxp on my wife's Toshiba satellite and after operating well for 3 weeks, the Hard drive failed.
My Toshiba repair station installed a new HD and thinking he was doing me a favor installed XP-Pro on it.
I own a copy of XP-Home which was purchased for this computer and initialized.

After working well for two weeks it now hangs at login with advisory "Some system files are missing or damaged. You cannot log on at this time.
Please use your installation CD to reinstall or repar windows Error Code: 0x80040507"

Windows will boot in safe mode but I cannot invoke repair options, I suspect because the XP cd I have and the installed XP copy don't match.

I suspect some viral activity in older files that were brought over after the new install (although a scan now runs as clean).
Will I have to wipe the HD reformat and reinstall my own copy of WinXP-Home?

Can I do anything form where I am now ?
appreciate any help you can give .
Geo. Goodwin
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mehhercConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That error code, I believe, has to do with product activation. It sounds like what happened is the guy installed XP Pro as a "favor" to you and then ran a crack so the OS wouldn't try to get activated. It sounds like it backfired a little bit. With this type of error, since you cannot get into the OS normal mode, you have 2 choices. 1. Bring it back to the guy and have him fix it everytime there is a problem or 2. format and reload with your legal copy of the OS. No you do not have to load the older OS to upgrade. Boot off of the Xp CD, wipe the HDD and start the install, when it asks you for the OS to upgrade question, insert the other OS CD in the drive, then follow the bouncing ball. Not sure if you knew that or not. sorry if you did.
Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Check your swap file -- computer, properties, performance, advanced etc -- it is well hidden.  Set it for the C drive and let it be system managed.  If this doesn't fix it, I second LordRipper, it's not a good sign.

Have you tried an XP reinstall?  This might be the best.  Put in the XP CD, boot from it, say you want to install XP, and go through the F8 until it finds the existing windows installation.  At this point, press "R" to repair (don't press enter, as it will wipe out all yor old settings) and let it do it's thing.  Perhaps through use, something got corrupted.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you don't have the XP Sp2 disk I would suggest going back to the guy that installed it for you.

Hope this helps
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Just to state the obvious, if you don't own WinXP Pro then you should reinstall with WinXP Home.   Just sayin.....

tobykentAuthor Commented:
I though there might be an inherent problem with my Toshiba dealer installing with his oem disk while i own XP Home-SP2.
Is there a possibility to correct the problem without burning the house down and starting over ??

tobykentAuthor Commented:
As I stated earlier I own WinXP Home (initialized with this comp.) upgrade edition.

My Tosh guy used an OEM copy of XP-pro

Can I effect a total reinstall with my own disk or must I use an external utility to reformat my HD and start from scratch?

I also own legal copies of Win98SE and Win 2K Pro which made my XP Home edit. upgrade legal

The windows security doesn't seem to recognize my Install disk now
micromarchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you have important files in your hard drive? if not then I would suggest you boot
from your windows xp home cd and reformat/reinstall windows xp home since you have the cd and proper license for it. Otherwise try to get a hold of a windows xp pro cd and choose the repair option while booting on cd. Once you boot in widnows, backup your stuff, then reformat with your windows xp home cd. Better this way since it will be a hassle for you everytime you have OS problems.
os to upgrade question? why would it ask you an os to upgrade question when you reformated the hard drives? i think you should go over what your saying in your answer.
Because he is using an upgrade CD per his answer from Date: 05/10/2006 06:30AM PDT.

"As I stated earlier I own WinXP Home (initialized with this comp.) upgrade edition"
 is his quote. By that statement, I am presuming he means he has an upgrade CD and not the full version. micromarch, i am not trying to offend or create a flame war. I just want you to understand why I said what I said.
ok sorry didnt see that part. my bad.
tobykentAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
After 2 attempts, the machine finally recognized the cd and booted from it .

It would not respond to a request for the recovery console, but did repond to a reinstall command despite the "subordinate" OS.

It would not do a repair install which is what I hoped for but didn't really believe I would get with the desrepancy in OS hierarchy.

Ironically, no one was really doing anything illicit, my guy is a certified repair station for Toshiba and he has an oem liscence for his stuff, and mine was legal too, but differently.

As you know, tosh and many others ship their computers with "config builders" which are useless once you upgrade on your own.

So it reinstalled, and took with it all data and settings, that I spent 2 days rebuilding, .
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