Dansguardian Problem

I am newbie to Dansguardian. I have installed Squid and it is running well on port 3128.
I have installed Dansguardian and its configuration is as:

filterip =
filterport = 3328
proxyip = # my local IP is

When i run command "service dansguardian start", it works perfect without any error. But when i configure clients proxy as  IP=   Port = 3328, it gives me error that "Connection was refused when attempting to contact the proxy server you have configured. Please check your proxy settings and try again."

But i change port to Squid's port i.e. 3128, It works fine.

Advise please! where i am wrong with Dansguardian.


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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You configured proxy to listen on localhost. It is not reachanble by other hosts.
You might prefer to filter port 80 via squid, not some 3328
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