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Share a network map printer / Windows 2003 Server


is it possible to share a network printer on a print server ?

eg :

I have a computer with an hp LPT printer shared as HPPRT23 (i have in fact about 30 computers and printers)

I want my users to prnt some documents on theses printer using the company print server (because of security restriction, users can't see directy the computers and the the printers)

is it possible to map the HPPRT23 printer on my print server and share it as an other name ( FINANCIAL_PRINTER) on this server

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The answer is most likely yes.
Please post your Operating System so we can better understand your capabilities
if the prtr is attached to a prt svr on a lan then all computers can have access to it as long as you've given all computer/users authority
computers that have prtrs attached to them only can share the local prtr & assign access to certain users/grps on the network
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
back to the original question. yes it can be done here are the steps,

lets assume host = computer with printer attached
server = Print server
client = the client computer
what we are trying to do is have client send print job to server, who in turn then sends job to host if all security is correct.

at host (assuming XP) goto add/remove software
add/remove windows components
"other network file and print services" click details
make sure "print services for unix" is ticked.
now goto control panel>administrative tools>services
make sure the service "TCP/IP Print server" service is set to automatic and is running.
install the printer, you do not need to share it, but name it something easy as the printer name is what you will address rather than a share name.

now at the server
add printer
select as local printer but do not auto detect
select create port
select LPR port
enter computer name and the printers name
you should now have a port like this comp_name:printer_name
now continue to set up the printer as per normal.
at the server now share the printer on the network.

connect to server printer as per normal.

you can now control the printer from the server.

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