pocket pc or palm or ..

Please suggest the potable hand equiptment that can run php script  like a some people use in restarant
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PHP script(s) will work on both palm and pocket-pc devices alike, but my preference would be to lean towards pocket-pc, as I believe it's a more robust operating system and offers more flexibility, and more applications and tweaks.      DELL has some very good units for sale that are not overly expensive.  
Pocket PC all the way, but depending on usage/environment choose a ruggedized unit (if it has the tendancy to be dropped).

I agree with the above. Windows Mobile 5.0 is far more flexibile than Palm OS. Definately get one with 802.11, and if you are going to need to access the internet awhile away from the site, then bluetooth and an unlimited data plan on a bluetooth enabled cell phone can do wonders (use phone as modem).

I find that Dell has pretty good units (the local police department uses them to write tickets and carry a portable printer, no actual written paper), and I peronsally own an Asus.
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