Deleted global address user still shows up in global address list


I have a client running Server 2003 with Exchange 2003. They wanted a user removed. I removed the user from the server active directory and the exxchange mailbox. I stopped all exchange services and restarted them. I dismounted and remounted the store. I've rebooted their computers. The only thing I haven't done is reboot the server because it's not feasible to take them down right now. There is one workstation running Outlook 2000 and that one does not show the deleted user in the global address list. But all workstations with Outlook 2003 will not remove that user from the global address list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello microaideinc ,

First of all there is no need to reboot the Server also it is not possible for you to re-boot it in this practical environment. Whenever you delete a user from the exchange mailbox, firstly replicate it  and then if your outllok 2003 clients are showing the deleted user then you need to synchronise your Address List again with the server. Also try deleting the Public Store for the the user you wanted to delete.

HI microaideinc,

first of all, all the rebooting, etc... is not necessary.  

You can go to ESM - Default Global Address List and right click over it and choose Properties.  Then choose "preview" and you can delete entries from there.


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