Neeed to restore offline files cache

Our COO was offsite last week working. When he got back on Monday his computer would not boot so it ended up on my desk. The drive is failing.. I was able to do an arobatic trick to get some of the data off. Primarily his pst file, my docs, and his offline files cache that was located in C:\windows (took the whole CSC folder). Now I need to restore the documents he was working on last week.. which to him looked like they were on the server but I know that he was modifying the "offline" versions.  Any help?
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g127404Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit and the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit both contain a utility called Cache Mover (cachemov.exe), with which you can relocate the Offline Files cache.
Next, attempt to synchronize the files by choosing Tools |Synchronize, and then click Synchronize.

If after completing the synchronization the user is experiencing errors, you can reset the offline files cache in Windows Explorer by choosing Tools | Folder Options. Select the Offline Files tab. Press [Ctrl][Shift], and then click Delete Files. Windows 2000 will now reinitialize the offline files cache on the user's computer. Click Yes to continue. When the process is complete click Yes again to restart the computer. The user should now be able to access and synchronize offline files with your server.  

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samuelaliAuthor Commented:
Ok.. After using "QuickView plus" to look at the docs I realized there was way to many to single out as being edited and save with a meaningful name. I tried to use cachemov.exe to move the CSC folder from the location I saved it to to the actual cache on a laptop so I could try and synch it. It seems cache move only gives you a "to" location and not a "from" for the move. So i just copied and pasted in the new CSC folder and when it was all done I was able to view the files with real names (by placing anoffline files and folders shortcut on the desktop) and then sync the few that had been modified. Good stuff,  seems to have worked but I wont know until I dont get yelled at ;)
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