EXCHANGE 2003/Outlook 2003 - User can not delete email messages from Inbox

I have one user that can not delete email messages from there Outlook 2003 client (accessing Exchange 2003).   The receive the message that the item can not be deleted.   It was already moved or deleted or access was denied.  They can delete mail from other folders (including the deleted item folder).   Even as an administrator the email can not be deleted.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Are you running any antivirus software on that machine? Has the message been quarantined by any other AV software?

I've had a similar problem with Symantec Antivirus stopping me from deleting messages in the above scenario.

Only way I could delete the mail was to stop the Symantec Antivirus Service on the local machine, close down the AV client. Launch Outlook and then delete the mail.

Just remember to activate the AV software again.
lkg115Author Commented:
Thanks fro the reply...however I ran isinteg and the problem was fixed......

Problems like this can indicate a corrupt database, I suggest you run eseutil to compact and check for errors asap.
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