Ghost Keylogger can only run under administrator

I have ghost keylogger and it works fine under administrator but i cant run the config file from a user acct though the user acct is administrator and there is no password setup...

In safe mode i go to the administrator acct which has no password and can run the keylogger...
Ive setup a password thinking that i could log in on a the user acct and use the "run as"  with administrator and password to run the program....
In safe mode ive right clicked on the folder and set all full writes to the folder for the user.....

the message i get is the admin password cannot be and/or no permissions are set to run the program
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I am not familiar with that program but you SHOULD be able to make anything run under a normal user context with a bit of effort.

When toubleshooting this type of problem I like to use REGMON and FILEMON which are free from

You basically use these utilities to monitor your registry and filesystem in REALTIME while you launch the app. You then can filter the real time capture to locate the exact files and reg entries that your NORMAL user cannot open or modify.

You then just change the permissions on the individual files and reg keys until the app runs.

Sometimes this process is cumbersome sometimes it's as easy as changing the permission on on dll.

You can then create and export a security template of this new configuration to a text file with Windows Security Configuration and Analysys and deploy this setting to other workstations.

Best of luck and happy keylogging!
you might just try installing the program as that user if you know the password. the program is probably trying to access user config reg settings of the account that installed the keylogger.
try 'perfect keylogger'
it installs on one account and runs fien on them all.
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