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I have an IIS 6 FTP site configured for the following:

The User "plesk" is for my Plesk server from the outside world to dump backup files to.  This is currently working, and only the user plesk has access.  The home directory for this is D:\pleskbackups

I have another directory, D:\public which I want to make publicly accessible for the user "public."

I don't want the user "public" to be able to go back a directory and see the directory "pleskbackups" which they can currently do - how can I lock this down so the user "public" only goes to the public directory?  I read something about isolating users.....
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centrepcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use virtual directories under your FTP site.  creat a directory with the exact same name and the login user and when logging in it will force the user to that directory and it will be the top directory it has access two.  It will not let the user browse up any higher in the tree.

right click on the ftp site in IIS admin select new virtual directory,  name the directory exactly the same as the user login and you are off and running......
jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
awesome thanks!
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