User Rights

By default I think when a PC is added to the domain it gives Domain Admins local Administrators rights.  Is that Correct?  Then gives Domain Users, local User rights.  Is that Correct?

Next would that mean that if a user is a Domain User they would have the same rights as if I went in and add them to the local user group?

If you any links for Microsoft that refers to this please let me know.

Also the rights a user account has to install programs.
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mdiglioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Default local groups
look under the 'Users' section

Active Directory Users, Computers, and Groups

Appendix A: Built-in, Predefined, and Special Groups
"because all users are automatically added to the Domain Users group"
Yes everything you said is correct.
i'll keep looking for some MS articles that say it as well.

You will need to be at least a Power User to install programs
kwitcomAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.
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