File has been forcefully disconnected by the host.

I built a new database to house a bunch of leads for our sales department.  Over the apst couple days, we've been importing just fine, however, today, keep getting this error.

File has been forcefully disconnected by the host.  All affected windows will be closed.

It continues to happen over and over on an excel spreadsheet of 1039 records, and it only imports 100 and then closes the database.  Rows 99-101 are normal and no different than any of the others.

I'm using FileMaker Pro 7 and we are using FileMaker 7 Server.  The database is hosted and shared on the server.  Any help or reason why it's doing this?
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
looks like a nasty crash due to a corrupted excel file or a fm bug.
If your excel files are not too numerous, I can recommand to "test" them on a local copy (running stand alone) of your real database untill you can locate the problem better.
CHILINVLNAuthor Commented:
I've even tested with other spreadsheets and it still keeps shutting down.
CHILINVLNAuthor Commented:
ok, so.. I tried doing a recover on the database and it said its not recoverable.  What happened, I have no idea.  But, looking at the table view, it appears empty, even though it says it contains 100k+ record.

VERY VERY strange.
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