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Hello Guys,

Well, I don't know how to start this question, but I am gonna try my best.
I am gonna start explaining my situation and maybe my question will be more understood.

I work in a company that has 5 filial (5 other small companies), each one of the small company has a sever with
MS SQL 2000 installed as database provider, all of them are connected through internet and links in SQL SERVER 2000,
but each one campany has own database. So imagine a case like this:

I am at company 01 and I would like to know how many pieces I have in company 05, today I can do that through sql link,
but unless each company has its own computer server why not have one central .

If my system was an intranet, I didn't need 5 computer as a SQL server to link with my main company, So, my question is,
is it possible to do this with delphi? Can I use my system accessing my main database through internet with asp in its code?

I am not sure what asp in delphi is used for, I would like to have a better notion about this.
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Eddie ShipmanConnect With a Mentor All-around developerCommented:
You wouldn't even have to do that if you setup your ADO connections
to access the remote databases.

You can use the data-aware controls to access those tables just like
they were on your own servers.
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